Monday, February 27, 2006

Shakespeare Wallah!!!

What a title. What does it mean? Well, this film actually does not make any sense for me (frankly). The purpose of watching it? Because Dr. Edwin asked us to watch it. Well, at least I still can get the gist of the story.
It is about film versus theatre. During that time, the emergence of film really took over theatre. The popularity of the film actress overlapped the popularity of theatre players. If we look at the reality of life, that is what actually happen.
Even in Malaysia, we praised, worshipped the film actors and actress more than the theatre players. Although we know how hard they work for a theatre compared to a film. We know about it, yet we still prefer to go for film instead of theatre. Why? I had explained it in my first post. Boring, unaffordable tickets, bla, bla, bla…
However, Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical had done a marvellous job. It had mesmerised Malaysian to watch it again and again. The latest news I heard, there is a man who watch it four times!!!! He must be a rich man. I don’t think that I can do it because of the price of the tickets. Once is enough, to make sure the momentum does not fall down and the excitement does not fly away.
Again, in my opinion theatre players are much better than film actors and actress. Give some credit to them while they are still alive.

Reduced Shakespeare Company???

Watching all plays written by Shakespeare in two hours? Wow, it is amazing how if we can do it. Well, we did it two weeks ago. How? Well, Dr. Edwin asked us to watch the CD of Reduced Shakespeare Company.
At first, I don’t have any idea how it is going to be presented to us. Actually, it is a theatre which had been taped. What impressed me the most when watching this play is that the energy that the actors have. All four of them are really professional actors. They must have put all of their energy and effort to make it happen. They have to memorise all the lines that they must speak during the play.
Indirectly, this play gives me better understanding about Shakespeare’s plays. Almost everybody agree that learning a Shakespeare play will bore us to death. The most difficult part is the language. Do you dare to speak in Shakespeare language in everyday life? Of course everybody will say “What on the earth are you trying to tell me???”
The best way to present, teach and learn Shakespeare’s work is, of course, through the funny way. And that is what they did in Reduced Shakespeare Company.
Well, I do wish that I can watch it again!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

How to teach drama...?

Well, although we will not teach any kinds of drama to our students, we still need to learn how to teach it. In case, there are students who will take English Literature. (Does that kind of subject exist in SPM now?) However, it is still helpful because we may want to introduce drama to our students for English Language Society. We also may want them to perform it at school. Maybe during PTA’s meeting, sports day (?), teacher’s day, or any other events.
Well, it is not that bad, until you have to do simulated teaching. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is the time for us to laugh at other people’s presentation. And as the result, people will laugh at you too. Not that bad huh! What you give you get back…
Well, (another well) when we do simulated teaching, then we will know how it feels to be like a real teacher. If you a kind of person who is a stage fright, please overcome it, as soon as possible (this message is for me too!). You have to make sure that your instructions are clear enough for the students to understand. No joke okay. If you yourself do not know what you are doing at the moment, you will be in a great trouble. As a teacher, you need to make sure that you are prepared with whatever kind of question that your students will ask.
Another important thing, we also need to use the right set induction to make our lesson as appealing as ever. Then only our students will be interested and pay attention to what we are talking about.
So my friends, make sure for those have not done their simulated teaching, please make it well (another message for me too). Not only to score good mark, but also to prepare ourselves when we go out for practicum and work. Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang-the musical

The legendary about Malacca’s famous warrior is very close to us. Especially to Malays. But it does not mean that other races do not know about it. Now, at Istana Budaya, there is a theater entitled, PUTERI GUNUNG LEDANG- the Musical.
How does Puteri Gunung Ledang is related with Hang Tuah. Well, is this theatre, the princess is deeply in love with this Malay warrior. Actually, according to history, Puteri Gunung Ledang NEVER falls in love or has any kind of relationship with the admiral. It is just a story…
It is not bad to watch it, as this is the first time I watch theatre. What’s more at ISTANA BUDAYA!!! Well, that is impressing. I never imagined that I will go there.
Talking about the play, let’s see whether it satisfies the characteristics of a good play.
1. Does the play satisfy our intellect?
Well, maybe we should think again about sacrifices that we did to our loved ones. Does it worth?
2. Does it show organization?
Very well, organized!
3. Does the play show the ideational content?
Well, my first reaction after watching this play is, is it a tragic ply? Well, it is. Because Gusti Putri Retno Dumilah chooses to sail to Malacca to meet her loved one. The tragedy happens because if her free will.
4. Is the play meaningful to us?
Certainly it deals with our everyday live!! No question.
5. Does the play have economy, novelty and impact?
A 2 hours and 15v minutes play, it can be considered ok. Just like you watch film at cinema. But watching theatre enable you to see life performance. The price? Hmm.. I only pay RM15.00, (the actual price is around RM 150.00) only 10% from the actual price.
As the conclusion, it is worth to watch it. It is a great loss for those who do not watch it!!!