Sunday, February 21, 2010

The (Unprofessional/ Part Time) Wedding Planner Notes- Extra Notes For Budget Wedding

You want a grand wedding, you you do not have enough budget. These are some of the tips that you can use.
1. Asks for sponsors!
Just like artists in our country nowadays. Do not be ashame of that, although some will say that you are just like Jamal in Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes by Che Husna Azhari and they will start singing "... duit tak ada tapi hati ingin kahwin... la la la...". But make sure that you ask them nicely or give some hint that you need their help indirectly (do not ask me how, because so far, I am the one who offered to sponsor them). This is because some of your relatives or friends are more than willing to sponsor you. Some of the things that can be sponsored are invitation cards, bunga telur, eggs, contents for goodie bags and the goodie bags itselves.
2. Budget wedding invitation
Look for a simple yet nice and affordable invitation card. Afterall, most of the time people will throw it away after the wedding. Only certain people will keep it. (just like me, collecting invitations from my TESL friends)
3. What's inside?
Select for the stuffs that you want to put inside the bags, recommended for foods as people will eat it. Stuffs like towel and cutlery (the actual ones) are also suitable. Things like minature of cutlery and car ornaments might be nice, but they might not be useful afterall.
4. Extra cash
Be extra happy if you get money or voucher as presents instead of houseware and electrical appliances. Money form gifts and salam kaut can be recycle to pay for your caterer and mak andam. Voucher, especially for electrical items can be use to buy washing machine or refrigerator for your new home.
Up coming in the next entries, bridal boutiques/ mak andam around Segamat. Tunggguuu!

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