Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't Ask Me That Question Again!

Today is my friend's wedding. Yup, she was my classmate, back than when I was in kindergarten up till Standard 6. I met some of my old friends there too. Iwan, sorry, I really forgot your name. Certain things need to be forget, I guess so. Just like what Mr. Kam (my Falsafah Pendidikan's lecturer) told us,
"Men are created to forget. Know why? Because certain things are better to be forget, such as terrible experience, etc..."
But I will never forget when Mr. Kam commented on Adat Temenggong.
"Kita ni orang Temenggong. Ikut adat Temenggong.
Adat Temenggong; berani buat, berani tanggung,
Berani buat, berani mengandung!"
Such a cute guy he is.
Coming back to the original story. Of course, they asked me when I want to get married. Aiyoh, why on the earth you asked me this kind of question again and again and again...? So I answered,
"Selagi pengetua aku tak kawin, aku tak susah hati"
Hah, hamik ko!
And they just laugh as they understand what I mean.
Come on, if I can get anything, everything just by myself, why should I sacrifice myself just to get the title WIFE? This statement is only applicable for those who still have not meet their Mr. Right occkay?

A Treat With My Colleagues

A day after my anniversary, I went out with my colleagues. It wasn't my treat, but Linda. Suddenly she became OKB (haha, I know why!). So, went went out to have some Pizza.
That day, I became Linda's driver. Even after that not-to-be-forget-incident, she is still willing to ride my DatSun.'s an antique car by now. That afternoon, we had a really good time together. A happy-moment-out-of-the-school.
And the last picture, is not the interior of my car. Definately no-no. It was taken during one of the hunting session to search for the-right-wedding-present-for-an-old-friend.
Enjoy the pictures!

My hungry-hungry hippo Mentor (sing, 'tunjuk ajarku sifu!)

This is just the beginning...

The double K (both of them are not entitled to get nickname Datuk K)

The housemates...

Hahaha... dunno whose car's is this... *wink2*

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My First Anniversary!

Yippie yay! Finally I managed to reach my first year anniversary as a teacher today. Reflecting for what I have gone through throughout this one year, I know that I have to make a lot of improvements in my teaching life.
If you read my first post when I started working, yes, I'm still in the same school, with the same bosses, etc...
Sometimes I feel that I want to quit, take a real break where I will not be bogged down by tonnes of school works, But the reality is, even during weekends I'm still working for school's stuff. Yes, being a teacher means that you have to work 25hours a day. Know why? To ensure that you can teach the following day, you have to make preparations and this is very very important especially to new teachers.
Sometimes I hate my job. But most of the times I love it. The only thing that I hate is when the students do not listen to me. Was I a really bad student before this? Maybe this is a kind of kafarah to me...
I'm thinking to give myself a present. A break and have a nice walk... But the problem is, my school is having PK3 at the moment. Only if I have marked all the papers, they only I can think of having a break. But another problem arise here. Who's going to accompany me? Serving my own hometown makes me hopeless, helpless. I don't have any friends anymore. My collegues have their own activity and most of them are not from this place. So, they can planned to balik kampung. Me? balik kampung all the time!
I need a break. I really need a break. I wish to take a day leave on my anniversary each year (as if my boss will allow me-lah!). Oh ya, and whenever I celebrate my anniversary as a teacher, it also means that my mom had passed away x years and 4 months. Like this year anniversary, a year and four months.
Wish me luck in my future undertakings, and the same thing goes for my junior. Welcome to the reality of life!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Counting Days...

Since last week I've been counting days.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Reasons to Smile Today

I went to this school this morning and I know there is a reason why I can smile from ears to ears. What I didn't expect was, there are some other reasons too!

Before I went down for our formal assembly this morning, one of the Chinese teacher (who also teaches English) walked beside me. Then, she said this to me:
"You know what, I've been observing you lately. And I discovered that you are so stylish"

Wow! Such a great compliment to start my day!

Then, during assembly I realised that our Kak Long is not around. Yippie yay! (hahahaha~~~)

During my last class this afternoon, I received the books that I ordered from my student's sister. It costs me RM101.00 after discount. For me the price is not a big problem. For those who follows Laskar Pelangi, I'm sure that you know that the last book (Maryamah Karpov) is already on store. Envy me,as I don't have to travel so far and I got 10% discount for each book.

I also bought Stingarden by Sinaganaga, one of my favourite blogger. Please envy me again ya!

Hoping for a brighter future every single day. And I'm counting every single day from now on to celebrate my 1st anniversary as a teacher! (refer to the ticker below)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

When We Meet

This is what happened when TESLites meet.

Berdua lebih baik?
Description: Johore State English Language Carnival@ Seri Kenangan
Kuota dah cukup!
Description: English Course@ Seri Kenangan (again!)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Hari Entri Bergambar (dan sedikit cerita)

Dah lama tak update blog. Rindu nak menukilkan sesuatu di blog ini, tapi jarang ada kesempatan untuk duduk betul- betul menghadap laptop dan menaip entri. Jadi, kali ini aku berikan entri bergambar saja jek...

Dan gambar- gambar yang di ambil adalah sewaktu Hari Terbuka. Pelajar- pelajar membuka gerai jualan. Hari di mana kantin tidak di buka dan duit tidak laku. Kupon aje yang laku.

Ibu bapa di benarkan datang pada pukul 9.00 pagi, tapi ada yang datang pukul 8.30 pagi. Sedang aku cuba- cuba membeli apa yang patut, anakku datang mengatakan ada ibu yang sudah menungguku. Tak sampai hati pula rasanya membiarkan dia tertunggu- tunggu. Pantas aku ke kelas bersama barang- barang yang di perlukan.

Dan hasilnya, nah... aku duduk di kelas dari pukul 8.30 pagi sehingga 12.15 tenagh hari. Rehat ke mana, makanan ke mana. Sebenarnya aku boleh mengambil rehat sebentar, tai aku tak sampai hati untuk mengecewakan ibu bapa yang hadir. Aku faham, ada yang perlu pulang ke tempat kerja semula. Perut perit aku tahankan juga sehingga habis semua ibu bapa ku layan. Akhirnya, kupon aku pun tak laku juga. Hmmm..

Kita layankan aja lah gambar- gambarnya...

Gerai budak- budak...

Inilah tauke- taukenya...

The Three Stooges

Pewaris perniagaan ibu bapa...

Rasanya, pernah nampak tak jejaka yang di hujung tu dalam blog ni...?