Monday, April 23, 2007


We are like partners in the ronggeng,
Approaching nearer, nearer and nearer;
But just when one would think we’d meet at last,
We turn away, reverse our steps, withdraw.

And like the ronggeng too, my life seems now,
With steps mechanical, repeated, meaningless;
Arms swinging back and forth, expressing nothing,
Feet pacing up and down the floor, going nowhere.

I am tired of going through ronggeng motions,
Long to break this impasse of reserve;
If only at one point our hands would clasp,
What rich variety of movements and gestures could be ours.

Fadzilah Amin

Comments: I think this is the most popular example used by friends during (once upon sweet, lovely time) simulated teaching. :)
The main idea or theme of this poem is about lack of commitment in a relationship. I find it rather interesting and very (very, very much) appealing to me as I personally does not believe in commitment. Especially between man and woman, as I myself do have a lot commitment at the moment. As a servant to ALLAH, as a daughter to parents, as a sister to a sister and brother, as a students to lecturers, as a friend to friends… etc.
The idea of commitment is clearly presented in this poem through the choice of words by the poet. For example, “With steps mechanical, repeated, meaningless;/ Arms swinging back and forth, expressing nothing,” (stanza 2, line 2-3). How creative the poet to compare a relationship with steps from a dance. (Sorry, I personally too, do not know how ronggeng dance looks like).
In the final stanza, the poet is hoping that the relationship can be improved with more commitments involved between the partners.
Finally, maybe I would like to reconsider about my responsibility and commitment towards others. This poem actually opens up my eyes and made me realized that, commitment is important in our lives and it does not only between a man and a woman (in the sense of couple-boyfriend and girlfriend), but also to everybody around us.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Several Days Left…

Several days left… and I just can’t wait to submit my research paper. The due date of my research paper also means that it is the end of our lecture week. Well, it is not too bad as my first exam paper will be on 21st of April. Fuh….

Friday, April 06, 2007

Another One Week to Go!

Go! Go! Go! Another week left for our lecture week. It also means that I still have another week to finish up my research paper. I think, it is pretty torturing as I have to submit it at the last day of lecture which is on 13th April 2007. Why is it torturing? It is because I still have to sit, read and edit my research paper. Sometimes, I feel a bit drained because of this research paper. Most of the times, I think I already wrote what I think but it is still not enough.
Well, to submit it at the last day also torture for me as I think my supervisor will put a high expectation on our work. If have tried my best to give all out for my research paper. I just hope that I can get the marks that I deserve.