Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Other Love Poem

a sailor is in love with the waves
and eventually like the waves
he becomes a hopeless lover.

a poet is in love with words
and eventually the net of words
traps him from meaning.

the sea is an infatuating spread
the jungle a passionate net
but the sea will not confess its secret
the jungle will not confess its secret
and the self becomes
a summit of mystery

all creation is a medium
to a recognition of the creator
yet how shall I write a poem of love
so that the medium
does not hide the purpose?

by Zurinah Hassan
Belilah hati ini
Tambatkan pada tiang Arasy-Mu
Landakan gelora
Kecamukan petaka dunia
Leburkan langit
Bungkuslah bumi
Namun tiada cinta di bumi
Setulus cinta-Mu
Biar luka
Biar nestapa
Demi Engkau yang aku kenal
Tambatkanlah hati ini
Ikatkan dengan simpulan mati

After 7 Weeks...

Time flies so fast. I think I can still recall the first day I came to Semenchu. Obviously, it was the most vulnerable day in my life. Dealing with personal problem and also having to face my practicum teaching.

By the way, 7 weeks have passed. I still have another 5 weeks to go. Now I realize that, it is not easy to be a teacher. Put aside all those bulky lesson plan that I have to carry around almost everywhere in the school. Dealing with the students is the most important thing. You see, they are human beings. And human beings have felling. At this point of life, being a teenager is the most difficult part to go through. When I look at them, I reflected what I’ve gone through at their age.

With all those hanky-panky things that happen around the school, I cannot deny that I do love my students. I can’t imagine what will happen to me when I’ve finished my practicum. Will they do still remember me after that? Have I teach them correctly? How I had change their attitude and point of view about education? All these questions linger around my head.

Oh how I wish it will not come to the end!
For my beloved students from 2 KAA, I know that all of you are bright students. Do not let external factors bring you down. Although you are still young, you have to learn quickly how to handle those problems. This will be a part your learning process.

My dearest 4TEK, how I wish I can enter you class everyday and listen to you. Seeing young princes and princesses blooming, how I wish that I could be your elder sister!

My dear students, how I wish you know how much I love you…

asHraf, fieZan, ijAn, fiFi, JanNah, saiFuL, liESa, MaRdiha…
aMy, u:aRe, afiQsuZali, uMmu, aMirHamZah, faZiRa, iSkandaR, seRi...