Friday, February 19, 2010

The (Unprofessional/ Part Time) Wedding Planner Notes (part 3)

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I. Goodie bags
Based on my observation, it is not a Malay custom. However, as time goes by, more and more people give this to their guests. One of the reasons that I can think is, those days, the hosts will give the guests a small plastic bag, contains the foods form the kenduri (the Javanese call it as bontrot- if I am not mistaken), but since nowadays we do not have a lot of people to help during the wedding, they prepare the bontrot earlier by giving away the goodie bags!
So, for this goodie bags, make sure that you know how many guests that you want to invite. What are the stuffs that you want to put inside the bags? Are there any difference between the VIP/ family/ close friends and other guests?
J. Penanggah/ kendarat
Some might not be familiar with these two terms. Okay, let me explain. Penanggah are the people who works around the cooking area and washing the dishes. Most of them are male as this area need extra strength. They will also bring the dishes if the dishes inside the buffet trays are almost finish. Kendarat are the ladies who wear the same clothes whose jobs are to collect the plates and glasses as well as cleaning the tables. Sometimes they will also guide the guests where to seat and distributing the box of telur or box of sweets.
Now, you have to indentify them. If your family are not the kind of person who will help during any kenduri, it is better for you to hire people to do this. Although they seem not to be important, you will realise that they are small people who give great impact for you wedding. If the caterer provides them, then you will not have to worry about this.
K. Hantaran
Determine how many and what are they. You can buy it bit by bit and always be alert of sales and stock clearance. There's nothing wrong with that as it is one of the way for you to cut costs. Plan what you want to put as ornaments on your hantaran. This will keep you away from visiting the shops more then five times (since you always do not have enough this and that).Make sure too that you have the pahar and alas. You can borrow it from your relatives/ neighbours/ friends. The last resort is to rent it from the mak andam (but it also mean extra chargers!)
L. Distributions of works
Ask help from your family members/ relatives. Some of the jobs are:
i. welcoming the bridegroom's side
ii. incharge of goodie bags (for VIP/ family/ close friends and normal guests- if only you seperate them)
iii. banker! (make sure that she/ he is someone that you can trust)
iv. runner (always running!)
v. asisstant for mak andam and photographer (they may need anything)
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