Friday, December 01, 2006

Theatre, Oh Theatre!

Having learnt theatre last semester made me realize that I do like acting. It feels so good to be somebody else. And guess what, maybe I like to be under the limelight too! Hehehe…
Well, acting as Maya, computer hacker really thrilled me. Being in other person’s shoe is not easy. And I have to admit until now; I can’t really be into the character. It is not easy, especially for those who hates pretenders and hate to be one. Voice projection is another thing. This thing called voice projection really challenged me. It is important you know, especially for teachers, if you wish to be heard in class. Or else, your students will fall asleep (just like me). However, you should note that, do not always use high note/ pitch voice. Or else, you will end up having tonsil. And DO NOT PRACTICE MONOLOGUE. Or else, you will end up talking alone in the class.