Saturday, June 03, 2006

Holiday's Grinch (Pt 2)

Actually, I already find out why I hate holidays. It is because of my childhood memory. I can still remember when I was in Standard 2. After school break, I'm in my language class (I can't remember either it is Bahasa or English). My teacher asked us about our holiday. Then she began to talk about family vacations, go here and there, do this and that. Some of my friends even told us what kind of vacations that they had.
I AM VERY DEPRESSED! School holiday actually means nothing to me. No vactions, no nothing. Stay at home, do household chores, finising my homeworks, watch tv, eat bla, bla, bla.... It is just like ordinary days, like weekends. HOLIDAYS MEANS NOTHING TO ME.
Then the teacher asked us to write a composition entitled 'My School Break Activity'. And I wrote what actually I did. Years after years. Then only I begin to tell lies. Lies about school break... I start to write activities during school break that I actually do not do at all.
The point is, not every students are fortunate. So teachers out there I hope there will be no more composition about 'My School Break Activity'.
As for me, I will be a teacher in future. I promised to myself that I will not ask my students to write that kind of composition, although they really wants to write it. No-No. There will be no composition about 'My School Break Activity' in my class.