Thursday, September 06, 2007

Faisal Tehrani yang ku kenali...

Secara jujurnya, FT bukanlah termasuk dalam golongan orang yang aku benar-benar kenali. Apa yang aku tahu hanyalah melalui pembacaan novel-novel karyanya yang membuat aku sanggup tabik spring berulang kali....FT, kali pertama I came across his name is when I was in primary school. The first 'product' that I read is Kerana Manisnya Epal. Later, when I was in form 4, I realise that 'hey, I've read this story before!'

As time goes by, I'm constantly in search for the right book to be read. It's hard to find the one that really suits my interest, challenging my intelligence and knowledge. And of course, I'll definitely say NO-NO to romatic books (exceptional for Jane Austen's book). Along that way, I began to discover that, for the past few years FT had become almost an icon for young writers.

The first time I wet him was almost four years ago, when there was a wacana or some sort of discussion (bedah buku?) about Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. FT came to IPTI (previously known as MPTI) as one of the panel in that discussion.

So, for the past two years, I've been digging for FT's works...I feel like buying all those things that he has wrote. But alas! as a student, I cannot afford to buy all of it. So, the best way to get to read his stuffs is buy sharing to buy it with other people. Thank God as my roommate have the same interest with me. Together, we read extensively in our first language, which is BM. Although we are TESL students, it does not mean that we completely forget our mother tongue.

So, coming back to the title of the post, (sorry, but I just can't help to be bilingual-that's just me!) I have to admit that I really admire his works, which I think is very, very impressive.

These are my collection of FT's book:

Kekasih Sam Po Bo
Bila Tuhan Berbicara

Although I only have four out of (almost) countless books that he has wrote, actually, I have read more. As I had mentioned earlier, the other books are from my roommate (but now she's no longer my roommate).

What I like the most about FT's writing is that for me, it is full of questions, new ideas (at least for me), challenging my intelligence and it always have something that makes me keep on reading it. Reading for me isn't just for leisure and pleasure, but it is also a form as escapism.

Most importantly, FT’s writing never underestimates me or insulting my intelligence (being a TESL student makes me a more critical person-keep on criticising-bad habit!).

To be frank, I never get bored with his writing… and I keep on surfing the net just to read his blog (…and now, I’m waiting for the birth of his new ‘baby’… Tuhan Manusia. Just can’t help to read it, it is like a tempting dark chocolate for me… And other books to…

If anybody wishes to give a birthday present, please, please, give me books, instead of other stupid things…

Books and reading-my passion, my life

Lama Tak Jenguk..

bukan tak nak menulis kat blog ni, tapi banyak pula kerja semester ni..sekarang pun tengah busy sangat2 sebenarnya...masalah lain pun ada gak yang melanda...kalau ikutkan hati, mau je tangguh semester ni, tapi of course la tak boleh. belajar pun di tanggung oleh government, mana la boleh nk, apa2 masalh pun kena tanggung sendiri la...