Monday, June 07, 2010

The (Unprofessional/ Part Time) Wedding Planner Notes (For Bridesmaid)

I know that I have left this note for so long. But believe me, I still heart the wedding ceremony. Noted that I had been bridesmaid for three times (almost four, but I was involved with accident a few days before that T_T), so I think it is not wrong for me to share some tips.
Once you have been choosen or offered yourself to be the bridesmaid, you have to take note on several things.
1. Confirm with the bride either you have to accompany her during solemnization too.
2. Confirm with the bride what colour that you have to wear on that day.
3. If you have to accompany her during solemnization, there are certain things that you have to take note:
>> make sure you have a big handbag to put all of the bride's important stuffs, such as identity card, handphone (only applicable if the solemnization is done at surau or masjid)
>> bring along at least a packet of tissue (for tears and make up)
>> bring a bottle of water. if you could not find a tumbler, make sure a straw is included with the bottle
4. Make sure that you put the bride's cuishon at a suitable place where she can have a good view of the akad (depending on the jurunikah, some will asked the bride to sit a little bit far)
5. After the akad, the bride might go round and salam with all relatives, you may choose not to accompany her. But after the salam session, make sure that she stands next to the bridegroom.
6. During the bersanding ceremony, make sure that the priority is given to the bride. If the photographer asked you not to enter the frame, please walk away (but not too far).
7. Make sure that you know what are the things that people have to do during merenjis. Ask the bride to turn over her palms after the merenjis and salam the people first. Then only you clean up her palms.
8. Do not forget the bunga telur for the people who do the merenjis.
9. Wipe her sweats and fan her.
10. If the bride wears a long veil or outfit, make sure that you help her to hold it (and repair it if needed)
11. During makan beradab, make sure that you put the rice and dishes on her plate as she wishes. In short, entertain her.
12. Go along with her if she asked you to accompany her during outdoor shooting.
Note that the above points are during the solemnization, bersanding and makan beradab. As for yourself,
1. Make sure that you have enough rest and learn to smile too. You will be very busy on that day and you might have forgotten how to smile.
2. Make sure that you make up and outfit do not overdo the bride. Keep yourself simple and sleek.
As for the bridegroom side, there are also certain things that you need to consider.
1. Bring a bottle of water, a packet of tissue and identity card during solemnization for the bridegroom. He might get nervous and need some drink.
2. Confirm with the bridegroom what colour of your outfit.
3. Prepare some (or a lot?) packets of angpow for tol (this custom is usually done around the Southern area- Johor, Melaka).
4. Wipe his sweats and fan him.
5. Serve him during makan beradab.
If you need more information, just google it.

In short, being the bridesmaid/ bestman is a tough job.
But still, I love it...

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