Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The (Unprofessional/ Part Time) Wedding Planner Notes (part 1)

Now, take a deep breath. You are now planning to make another step that will change your entire life and moving to the next stage of life. You want to make preparations for you big day, where should you start?
A. Go for pre- wed course
It is a must. When you attend the course, pay attention to the paper works (the forms that you have to fill in later). If you have chosen the date, you can start buying the forms, complete it, go for HIV/AIDS test, etc. and submit it. Bear that you will be interviewed when you submit the form, so be prepared. You may submit your form as early as three months befor your wedding. Once you have submitted the form, you can book the jurunikah. Be sure where do you want the solemnization to be held; home, surau or mosque.
B. Look for your mak andam
This is a tedious job. If you want the best with affordable price, you have to survey, survey and survey. Words of mouth will als0 help. One reminder for those who are not working at your home town, make sure that you take a leave for one day just to go round and survey the bridal boutiques in your hometown. Avoid weekends, as most of them will be working on weekends.
Ask if they provide you with trial make up, that's where you can judge them. Pay attention to whom is going to make up you. Based on observation, neat people will produce a good result. If the person who make up you a sissy, again you have to look at their appearance. It is very much reflected through their appearance.
Look for packages offered. Do not be shy to ask questions, even the silly ones (but not too silly), because you are going to pay for it (if you choose them). When you look for the packages, consider about
i. make up -> neat/ pretty, how many sessions
ii. clothes -> will they make new clothes by the time of your wedding/ look at their ready collections. Are you satisfied with it, any particular preferences in clothing?
iii. dais -> filp through the albums in the boutique. Ask yourself too, what kind of dais that you want and will they be able to do that for you?
iv. extra offer -> do they rent the bedsheets and decorations for your bedroom? is there any extra free make up for you mother of maid-of-honour?
Ask if the mak andam has any contact for photographer, caterer, spa, etc. This may ease your burden.

C. Look for photographer
Most of them have their own fotopages, blogs, etc. Look at their works. Do they focus on the photography technique or editing the pictures? Know the personality of you chosen photographer. Will they work alone or with a partner? Are they friendly? Once you have chosen them, ask if the have any packages as most photographers prefers to calculate on their own the price as they will ask you about your wedding. When, where, how many days that they have to cover, on side or both sides? You can also ask about the albums that they will prepare. Will it be in pocket album, sticky album or custom album (some will call it as coffee table book or storybook).
D. Caterer/ food
Consider how many dishes that you want based on how many guests that you will invite. Know your budget too as this will help you to focus on how may Ringgit that you want to spent per head. Ask them if you can taste their food and words of mouth will also help you to get to know about the caterer that you want to choose.
Things to ponder:
Will they have seperate dish for makan beradab?
Will they rent along things like plates, cutlery, glasses, buffet set?
Will they cook at their own place and ask you to fetch it or will they cook it at your place?
will be continued in the next entry...

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