Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Sol- Jah

I've been admiring The Sol- Jah since early of this year. And if you realised, I've listed down some of the sol-jahs under my blogger list. They are so inde and of course, I love the blook too.
Therefore, I've decided to group them under new heading The Sol- Jah. Before this, they were under different groups (Third Person Limited Omniscient POV and Third Person Omniscient POV). And I will add their main site too. Hopefully you will enjoy reading their blogs. They are great bloggers.
Keyboard notes: Tok, I couldn't make it to MASKARA Shorties tonight. By promoting The Sol- Jah, will you buy for me the Sol- Jah's t-shirt? I want it badly!
p/s: kalau ada sesiapa yang baca entry ni dan pergi MASKARA Shorties, tolonglah belikan saya t-shirt tu. nanti saya bayar balik. ngidam sangat neh!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Love Like This: My Two Weeks Induksi Course

Actually I wanted to write about my first day at school after two weeks away. Nevertheless, I am so not into the mood to take out the MMC from my handphone and save the pictures in my laptop. So, now I'm owing the readers about it. Hopefully I'll write the entry soon (I still owe an entry about Raya celebration at scholl. Dang!).
My two weeks Induksi course was heaven. Not because we were staying the hotel, not because of the food, no no (after eating hotel's food for three days, I felt like vomiting. Wekkk). But I enjoyed the course so much! I have to admit that I owe this to my group members. Kaizen, the credit is for you!
And this entry is dedicated to you.
This entry contains a lot of pictures that we took throughout the course. As you see the picture, the description is below it.
Among our first few days of the course. See, we prepared a lot of food with caption "Amaran, ubat mengantuk" =D
Before we were off for sightseeing. Miss you guys!

A day trip to Zoo Melaka. So memorable, so enjoyable. Mr. MC really wanted to go to zoo!

On the track to see more animals. Ustaz was at the back because he wanted to become a 'dragon'. Nguahahahaa~~~

Do you know the name of this animal?

Dekan. The Dean???

With giraffe. Wonder why they like this animal so much. We took a lot of pictures here.

3 Dara. Not 3 Stooges, occay!

Painting by elephant. The animal that Mr. MC wanted to meet so much!

After shopping at souvenir shop. 1st phase of waiting.

Fedora or hat? Could not remember what's the difference between these two stuffs

... and ustaz pretend to be the taukeh

This Spiderman mask reminds me of my Tribal Dance mask aka Terrible Dance

After so many days eating hotel's food, we ate McD. Dila, I'll never forget our memory at McD Bandar Hilir. Scary duh! =P

Off to Menara Taming Sari after Zohor prayer.
For entrance: RM10 (with MyCard)
This is where we cilok a lot of pamphlets. Because of Ustaz (again!)

2nd phase of waiting...

under this...

Off to Bandar Hilir next. Mr. MC and The Warden lead our way

I felt so pure and innocent in this picture. haha!

The dargons reminds me of Bang Naga.
See, I'm still thinking of my blog wherever I go

Started to feel bored...

I heart this picture. Reminds me of Tobby.
(boleh buat cover album, dengan tajuk lagunya Mencari Jalan Pulang, nyanyian Kaizen =D)
... another sign of boredom (sorry Mr. MC, I took a lot of your pictures, heh!)


and waiting. (This is our Big Boss)

This beca driver tried to convice us to take a ride with his beca.

... a lot of stories to be told and shared

Menuju Puncak.

is he homeless?
I was a little bit disturbed by this view. Reminds me of HilmiHamzah's entry
Enough of ramblings for our one day trip at Melaka. I heart most of the pictures that we took throughout this course.
During Gala Dinner

The guys. Ustaz, Mr. MC and Boss

This is where we stayed. Hotel Orkid, Melaka.

Minyak Cap Kapak: for Kluang girl
Choki- Choki: for me
Coloured asam: for Mr. MC
Hacks: for The Warden
Mr. MC, this is the evidence that shows you have a 'great' appetite.
Since we have to listen to endless talks, of course we will be bored and sleepy. So, this is one of our way to kill the boredom. Drawings.

Drawings by Boss.

Drawing by The Warden. Have to find the missing things. I think Mr. MC kept this

The map from Orkid to a Pusat Kesihatan...
-I kept this -

a tree of life.
The Counselor told Kluang Girl something about this picture.
Will figure it out soon from her.
-Kluang Girl kept this-

Both picture were drawn by Mr. MC
(no wonder I always saw him holding pen. I though that he was jotting down notes, but drawing instead! Wah~)
Miss my group members.
Boss- Ustaz- Mr. MC- The Warden- Kluang Girl- Mak Buyong 1- Mak Buyong 2- The Singer- The Councelor- Me!
Will see them again for BTN next year. Maybe around March. For the time being, I just can look at their pictures and recall our super sweet memories.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shattered Dreams

behind the glass window
i'm wondering
will the chances be given to me
do not ask me the question
for i'm not the one who turned it down
and deja vu becomes true
the question is needless
as words are not enough to express it
and standing behind the glass window
i'm shattered

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Study Dong!

Hoh, tengah busy study untuk exam Induksi esok. Semuanya kat dewan ni. Apesal aku tengah online dan update blog? Tak de keje. Pray for me. I don't want to repeat the test again. =P
The-oh-not-so-random-picture. Taken last night during grand dinner. Whoa! Long Live Kaizen!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Lovin' It!

Credit to Mr. Photog. I heart this picture, love the angle (except for my sepet eyes)