Sunday, November 30, 2008

Down The Memory Lane... 1999-3 Agama 2

Semenjak dapat kad jemputan daripada kakak kembar (Muzai) dan adik kembar (Yuzai), aku asyik teringat kat kawan-kawan lama. Terutamanya dari kelas Agama 2. Tiga tahun sekelas, macam sebuah keluarga dengan Ketua Tingkatannya yang tak pernah berubah, Pian.
Kebanyakannya dah kerja. Ada yang sambung master. Yang dah kahwin sorang, yang bakal kahwin dua orang, yang dah bertunang sorang, yang berpacaran ramai, yang single; macam biasala... (aku memegang falsafah YSL-Young Single and Lovely. ihiks!)
Apa khabar agaknya mereka semua? Cerita terbaru yang aku dapat, mereka berkelah di Morib (tak pasti semalam atau hari ini). Seperti biasa, aku tak muncul-muncul. Reunion setiap tahun pada Hari Raya pun aku tak pernah ikut. Mula-mula kerana aku tak ada Friendster (kebanyakan maklumat di sampaikan di situ), tapi aktuviti mereka dalam setahun ini memang aku tak boleh nak ikuti kerana tanggungjawab yang lebih besar menanti. Siapa lagi penting, keluarga ke kawan?
Jadi, majlis kahwin si kembar nanti akan menjadi pertemuan pertama aku dengan mereka (tidak termasuk Neq dan Shimot yang pernah beraya di rumahku)
Apa khabar agaknya mereka?
Duduk dari kiri:
Mohd Shafihan (Pian), Ustaz Ismail, Cikgu Mohamad, Cikgu Ahmad Nizar, Pengetua, Cikgu Norashikin, Cikgu Nordin, Cikgu Mazidah, Ustazah Noraini, Nor Fazilah (Fazilah)
Berdiri dari kiri (baris pertama):
Nazatulshima (Shima), Siti Norbaya (Baie), Noraziah (Aziah), Hazieda (G-dot), Norhasimmah (Shimot), Norahidah (Neq), Yuzaine (Yuzai), Nurfarhana (Nana), Muzaiyanah (Muzai), Nora Hazurah (Nora), Azuraini (Azu), Misnawati (Mis), Nor Bahyah Fazlin (Bahyah), Ain
Berdiri dari kiri (baris kedua):
Hasbullah (Abul), Ruzaini (Paman), Mohd Fahmee (Fahmee), Mohd Hafiz (Hafiz), Amir Nor Azan (Amir), Mohd Fa'aiz (Faiz), Affendi (Fendi), Ismail Yudin (Mail), Mohd Faizul (Ajoi), Ashraf Haslam (Ashraf)
Mungkinkah ada Bahagian Kedua untuk entry ini... tunggu...


Holiday and Weight Gain

Since this is already the second week of school holiday (turning to third) I think I'm gaining weight. Yippie! Unlike other girls out there who will scream the moment they gain weight, I'm the opposite.

I've been losing weight since last year and gaining weight is like a miracle to me (especially when I've started working). Hopefully I can maintain my weight as it keep on changing almost every week. Huhu, scary duh!

And because of that, people always think that I'm secondary student. I used to enjoy it, but now...urgh, I'm a teacher and yes, I do not wish any of my students' parents to turn to their son/daughter and ask;

"Mana satu cikgu ko ni? Yang kecik ni, alahai mak/ayah ingat budak sekolah tadi..."

Two of my teachers, who is now my colleagues commented on me and told the other teachers that I did not changed even a bit since my school days. The same size (I can fit into my baju kurung which I wore when I was in standard 6!), the same way of walking, talking, etc... Is it a compliment?

But I guess, this is the formula of my weight gain:

School holiday=Tak payah keje=Kuat makan=WEIGHT GAIN!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Kepada bakal pengantin baru; Muzai dan Carol, Yuzai dan Hise.

Kad jemputan Muzai dan Carol

Kad jemputan Yuzai dan Hise
Kembar seiras, tapi taste tak penah serupa. Cuma ada satu kebetulan. Nama bakal suami mereka lebih kurang serupa.

Muhamad Khairul- Carol
Mohd Khairul Hisam- Hise
*Buat semua bakal pengantin di luar sana, Selamat Pengantin Baru juga. Bagi yang dah lama berkahwin, selamat menjalani hidup berumahtangga dengan rukun dan damai.
*Ada apa-apa cadangan hadiah yang sesuai nak di berikan kepada pasangan kembar ni?

Anis Disember 2008

I think this is the best issue that I have ever read. The topic is about marriage; yes it could be the best issue to be discuss all-year-round.

For ‘Bekal Jalanan’ column, I was attracted with the writer’s opinion on how those ustaz-ustaz describing sex. (Seperti kata Ustaz Hasrizal, melucahkan seks). If you have gone through Kursus Kahwin, you will know (that’s why up till now I feel reluctant to go for it, since I already learnt Munakahat at Sekolah Agama). Based on what my friend told me, it seems that was the only thing that the ustaz talked about.

(I wasn’t good in Munakahat, and actually I can say that I don’t really like that subject. I prefer Muammalat and Jinayat).

Another column that attracted me was ‘Kemudi Hati’ (my favourite column!) by Pahrol Mohd Juoi. With the title of his article ‘Cerita Benar Yang Jarang Didengar”, I have to admit that it helps me to open my hearts and reflect myself.

What I’ve written above are just some of the issues being discussed in this magazine. Don’t miss out this mag, you’ll love it. I’ve read this mag since August 2002 and I still love it.
(Penghias kulit majalah Anis Disember 2008 adalah Pn. Mona Jasman, DJ

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spring Clean

Have you ever wandered why it is called ‘spring clean’?

I’m not sure how many Spring Cleans that I’ve done so far (since my mum passed away).

If you are staying at your parents’ home, have you ever tried to ‘spring clean’ their stuff? Well, you’ll never know what you will find.

For the past few days until today I’m still in my Spring Clean mood. So, it is ‘quite’ messy. Boxes are stuffed at my hall. (Till this post is written, there are six boxes).

I felt a little bit reluctant to throw away those stuffs, but, I can’t bear with it anymore. My mum is a kind of person who will keep everything from the little pieces up to the biggest thing. Can you imagine, when I did the Spring Clean, I found my books during my primary days, even my ABC books! Phew! After sorting out those stuffs, I finally end up with six boxes, which are two boxes of toys, two boxes of my sister’s stuff, a box of ketupat (?) and another box that I couldn’t remember what’s inside.

I also have to throw away her favourite magazine, Jelita. Yes, this is the first magazine that I read ever since I know how to read (and Gila-Gila magazine). However, my sister had reminded me to tear the recipe part. (If anybody claims that they do no know to do something because their teacher had passed away, that it is applicable for me).

Some of the surprises that I got during the Spring Clean (other that the books) are a collection of badges. I can classify it under several groups such as schools, sports, events and club/ organization. Although I personally do not collect badges, but I still treasure it.

I also found some old shirts/ blouse that still in good condition and I decided to take it (instead of throwing it away). Sorry sis, it’s mine ‘cause you can’t fit into it. Hehehe…

I still need to do several Spring Cleans. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rihanna VS Anuar Zain

“Kak Ude nak tau tak, ada ke patut masa kita nak potong rambut aritu Cina potong rambu tu tak kenal Rihanna”
“Abis tu camne Adik bagitau nak potong camne?”
“Angah tujukkan gambo Rihanna kat Cina tu. Baru dia potong rambut kita. Cantik tak?”
“Kalau rambut adik macam Rihanna, rambut Kak Ude macam rambut Anuar Zain”
“Kak Ude ni, geli la! Kak Ude minat ke Anuar Zain”
“Hahaha sukati Kak Ude la"

UPSR 2008

“Ude, UPSR BI ko dapat apa?”
“Hoho… bangga aku. Sekurang-kurangnya tak la malu aku nak ngaku, sepupu aku dapat A BI”
“Hekeleh Kak Ude ni. Bukan Kak Ude pun yang ajar kita”
“Sukati aku la”

To Adiba Nadia, congratulations and welcome to secondary school!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Up, Up and Away!

Three days away at Jay Bee
Selamat ber'blogging' semula

Thursday, November 20, 2008


When I was small, I was amazed with wedding invitation cards. Of course it is for my dad (and a lot of people will misspelled his name).

Now, it is my turn to 'collect' those cards. Mostly were from my ex classmates.

Anne (my ex-classmate) & Faiz

Kak Ina (my coursemate's roomate) & Abg Shafiz

Kak Wan & En. Zainal

Sue (my student's sister) & Ateng

Muzai (my classmate for 5 years!) & Carol
Yes, Muzai's wedding is the most awaited wedding for me as she used to be my classmate for 5 years, sat next to me for 3 years (until I can memorised her NIRC-till now!) and being my roomate for 1 year.
For this two love birds, I wish both of you all the best in your marriage.

If you ask me, do I need you… the answer is forever
If you ask me, will I leave you… the answer is never
If you ask me, what I value… the answer is you
If you ask me, do I love you… the answer is I do!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Family treat

Officially, yesterday is the day where I gave a treat to my family. Although this is not my first pay, it doesn’t matter (as my sister told me to wait for her to come back, then only I can treat them).

A trip to Pizza Hut, and my brother was soooooo eager to eat pasta, as we never cooked it at home. He ate a plate of pasta (my sister said that I tasted like tom yam) and three portions of pizza. That’s it! He didn’t eat anything for the rest of that night.

Prof M memang Raja Selera!


Alahai..tetiba aje aku sedih. For the past few weeks I've been trying to read FT's blog. But then, kata dah di alihkan la (aku pun tak berapa ingat). Hari ni, aku dapat track back his blog, but then, it is restricted only for invited readers. Sedih bukan kepalang aku.

Dah la dulu blog Tok Rimau pun macam tu.

Jangan lepas ni blog Bluehikari, Sinaganaga dan Saharil jadi macam tu jugak dah la. Bertambah sedih la aku...

Sape nak pujuk?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Duh, finally somebody commented on my 'long-time-no-see-post'. Those post that I wrote (or I should say FORCED to write!) during my second year of degree. I'm not kinda 'abandoning' Shakespeare now, no. It is just that I do not read any of his plays at the moment.

I have to admit that at the moment I'm struggling to finish Plea of Insanity and Anne Frank's diary. Only God knows when I'm going to finish it.


Terima Kasih segalanya; budi, pengalaman dan kemesraan!"
This could be his favorite tagline. Yes, Rudy Bluehikari.

As I promised earlier, I will write something under “Yang Di Senangi”. So, for the start, I choose to write about him.

The very first time I knew him, back than in 1997, through a school magazine. (Sorry, I couldn’t put the picture at the moment due to some problems). The name of the magazine is ‘PERMATA’. It is the official school magazine for MRSM Muar (or Johorian usually called it Muo).

At that time, I told myself, “Abang ni mesti terrer kan, sebab tu dia boleh blajar kat Jepun”. After that, whenever I see anything related to Japan, I will think of him. Sometimes, I do think it is funny.

In 2000, I came across his picture in one of the column in local newspaper. As Hari Raya is approaching, students who study oversea will send their Hari Raya wishes to their families in Malaysia. So, when I saw his picture, I took out a pair of scissors, cut his picture (I think this is the funniest part), and keep it in my wallet (kira macam sumber inspirasi la… wakaka).

My desk mate knew about it but did not say anything until 2001, when she came across Rudy’s picture in REMAJA magazine.

Eh Ain, ni kan mamat yang ada kat dalam wallet ko tu kan?


After 2001, I never came across his picture anymore. But I do still keep his pictures in my wallet until around 2003.

July 2005- Minggu Perkasa Putra @ UPM
During orientation week we stayed at Kolej Ke-6 (K6). That’s the time when I came across a guy who looked like him. I kept on looking at him until I think he realized it.

After that, I finally realized that he is the real guy whom I admired during my school days. But he is married! It doesn’t matter, but from that moment, I do not call him abang anymore (respect sket la!), instead, I call him Encik.

So that’s how I knew about Rudy Bluehikari. Back than, I never thought I will meet the guy whom I admired (boleh guna ke perkataan ni?) during my school days. But hey, that’s Allah’s job! Isn’t that great?

For Encik Rudy, good luck in whatever you do!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Open Day

Being a form teacher sometimes cause me headache. I love my students even they are naughty, not-so-clever, being rude to me. And having to face their parents also made me having several sleepless nights. What should I say? Am I suppose to tell the truth, that his/her son/daughter were extremely rude to me in class? (I will never forget that one particular students, urgh!)

But the day still come. I did not expect much, most of their parents won’t turn up. That’s what I told myself. But alas, they proved me wrong. Among 37 students, around 25 parents turned up that day! I dare to say that my PR is not that good, as I don’t really know what to say to them, except about their result and how they behaved in my class (luckily my friend did not turned up to take his brother’s report book- I taught my friend’s younger brother! Gosh, I hate it!)

Anyway, one of the mothers touched my heart. I can sense that she was extremely happy with her son’s result (during mid year exam, he got 14/37, but for final year exam, he got 7/37). She was overjoyed when I told her that her son did actually asked questions in my class. Back than, she said, her son would never ask any question to the teachers. Although he still did not pass my paper, he shows a lot of improvements, not only in my subject, but other subjects too.

For that particular student, I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your study and life. Even if I won’t teach you anymore, you can still come and ask me anything that you don’t understand.

For me, it doesn’t matter if you are not a top scorer in study. What’s more important is to be a real human being.

Menjadi manusia dalam ertikata yang sebenar, bukan orang-orang.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yang Di Senangi... Introduction

Sebenarnya idea nak hantar post under label "Yang Di Senangi..." ni dah lama... tapi takde masa je nak dok ngadap laptop betul-betul dan menaip.Maklumla bila dah kerja, hari-hari ngadap papan hitam (what a pathetic school, Semenchu pun pakai whiteboard!), muka students, buku-buku students...uhuk, uhuk! batuk pulak.

Anyway, since the school holiday is just around the corner, hopefully I will be able to accomplish my mission to write something under that label. It could be a personality, film or book.

(Tengah-tengah taip post ni, tiba-tiba *plop*, aku tertendang connector laptop, jenuh jugak la nak tunggu nak sambung ke internet semula)

Some of the personalities that I'm thinking to write about are my favourite writers (FT and RAM-happy belated birthday to RAM!) For books, it could be my collection of novels or books that I wish I could read, etc. so does for film.

(I might write something about bluehikari since I admire him since I was in form 1. Opps, jangan marah Kak Dayah)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Marking Exam Papers

I’m sure; any language teachers will love but hate this job. For Paper 1, it might not that bad, as it is MCQs. But then, I hate it because the column in OMR paper is small. It is like ‘eyesore among eyesore’. After 2 or 3 paper my eyes already ‘juling’. I have 186 students under my wing and each of them had to answer 40 questions. Simple calculations, 7440 columns. Wow! But, I felt a bit relief as some students did actually score for Paper 1. One of my students scored 39/40! I had to countercheck several times to make sure that my eyes weren’t lying. [sometimes it becomes an issue, jawab semua betul di pertikaikan, jawab banyak salah pun kena marah]

Anyway, for Paper 2, I can say that I partially love it. I started with the last class. Know why? I think it is a lot easier, as some of them actually do not answer the questions at all. Some will rewrite the questions again. Some choose to answer Section B only (summary). Others, will try to construct sentences form the points given for Section A (guided writing) even though the sentences doesn’t make sense at all.

For obedient students, they will answer Section C (novel). Why I call them obedient? Because, I’ve told them that if they write the sentences that I have taught them, I’ll give them 2 marks for language. Well, at least they still write something in English which is related to the novel that they have learnt; even they do not answer the question. As my students learnt Potato People by Angela Wright, I gave them an introduction and several stems to follow. The introduction is like this:

The novel that I have learnt is ‘Potato People’ by Angela Wright. This story took place in Ireland. It is about Patrick and Marie who go through a lot of obstacles in life. Finally, they managed to build a new life in America.

See, it is already 43 words! Even they might not understand and know how to answer the question, they still write something about the novel. At least, the examiner will be ‘impressed’ with them.

Another reason why I started with the last class is just a matter of psychology. Knowing that marking their papers can be considered easy, at least I can tell myself, ‘hey, I’ve finished marking both papers for 1 class!” Sometimes, we need this to keep us motivate and plus, the faster I mark their paper the faster I can key in their marks.