Monday, December 24, 2007

Two More Weeks To Go!

Going back to school? Hurray! I just can't wait it. But at the same time, i'm worried about a lot of things...

There's a lot to think and worried about. 2007 is at the end of the road, 2008 is approaching, just around the corner. i wonder, if i have done what i'm supposed to do within this year?

really, 2007 is a very challenging year. especially what had happened on the second half of this year. i never expect, at the age of 23 i'll have to face it...

still single and available. i always tell my friends that i'm YSL-young, single and lovely. i took it from a mag that i read years back. yes, it is nice to be single, what's more, i'm always a lone ranger. it is my habit to do things alone. but at the same time, it can also brings preassure (sometimes only ya!). the idea that "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just love and being loved in return" sometimes hit me back. yes, i'm a fan of Moulin Rouge. i've been watching it about 5 times (if i'm not mistaken).

but then, there must be a reason behind it, why i'm still single. just like what i've read in Teantang Cinta by Pahrol Mohd Juoi.

"Bila kita benar-benar bersedia, cinta akan tiba"

the truth is, love is always around us, either we realise it or not. if not because if love, we'll not exist in this world.

Semua berasal dari Cinta. Semua ini tentang sumber Cinta.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aku Ingin Bersama-Samanya

(Ada Apa Dengan Cinta)

Ketika tunas ini tumbuh
Serupa tumbuh yang mengakar
Setiap nafas yang terhembus
Adalah kata

Angin, debur dan emosi
Bersatu dalam jua dan berpautan
Tangan kita terikat
Lidah kita menyatu
Maka setiap apa yang terucap
Adalah sabda pendita ratu

Di luar ini pasir
Luar itu debu
Hanya angin meniup saja
Terbang hilang tak ada apa

Tapi kita terus menari
Menari, cuma kita yang tahu

Jiwa ini tandu maka duduk saja
Maka akan kita bawa semua
Kerana kita adalah satu

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Can you smell what I cook?
The actual cooking class actually starts at home. I have to admit that I don’t know how to cook (before this la!) But, when something happened, it is not impossible that we can learn (or forced to learn) it. Just like me.
I dare not to say that I’m an expert now, but at least my cooking skills are better than before. However, it does not mean that I gained weight. In fact, I loose 2 kilos since July. And having to cook everyday also makes me loose my appetite to eat. Maybe because I’ve smelled the food earlier. Just maybe…

Saya nak jadi cikgu!

“Apa cita-cita awak bila dah besar nanti?”
“Saya nak jadi cikgu!”Being a teacher is a divine job. “Yeah right” that’s what Papa Ed replied, cynically when we told him about that statement.
At least, for decades people had been saying it. Yes, it is true. Let’s have a look at the plus point that a teacher gets.

Lots of holidays because of school holidays, less working hours, have their own ‘day’; which is Teacher’s Day (Gosh! which job have their own special day, get lots of presents and have to entertain the students! Not even the secretary!)…. Hmmm… what else…

Other than what I’ve mentioned earlier, teacher also suffers a lot. Being a teacher means that you have to work with human being- kids, teenagers, and also their parents. It is not that other job does not deal with human-I do not mean that. But just imagine, the students spend most of their time at school, and a teacher has to enter at least three classes a day with minimum number of students in a class is 25. How they are going to handle it? Some more, they have to confront with dissatisfied, angered, pissed off parents? And teachers at school actually are burdened with administration job? You don’t believe me?

Let see…
Sports Day, Canteen Day, Open Day…. and numerous numbers of days that they have to handle other than ordinary day. These days ‘forced’ them to work more. Just compare it to a lecturer. If the faculty wants to carry out a talk-let say, they have the non-academic staff to handle it. Plus, if you are the Head of Unit or Head of Department, you will have an assistant. Whom teachers have? That’s why, sometimes the students have to help out the teachers in doing all these thing. Do not blame teachers. They are just like any other human being.

Being a teacher also requires them to work 25 hours a day. Why? Before they enter a class, of course they have to prepare a lesson plan. Which is very, very important, especially for teacher trainee and new teacher. And the lesson plan need to be prepared a day before the actual lesson. Got it?

If being a teacher is a divine job, then why most of the people who ‘occupied’ Hospital Permai at Tampoi and Hospital Bahagia at Tanjung Rambutan are teachers?

Think about it…


“Tok! Tok! Tok!” “Masukla!”
“Tok! Tok! Tok!” “Come in!”
“Tok! Tok! Tok!” “Kambing!” (?) :)
“Tok! Tok! Tok!” “Tunggu!”
“Tok! Tok! Tok!” “Can’t you read the notice? I don’t want to be disturbed!!”
“Tok! Tok! Tok!”